Made for a better world since 2012.


GLX specializes in eco-friendly two-wheelers covering e-scooter, e-bike and various types of bicycles. It is committed to providing worldwide consumers high-end quality, convenient green way to travel around.


With its own bicycle production base established in Guangdong, China, GLX mainly offers mountain bike, city bike and folding bike which are all popular in market end.


Today, the spirit of innovation and quality insistence is rooted in GLX’s each gene, which drives GLX became one of the top bicycle manufacturers in global.


Apart from nearly 20% sales in China domestic market, at present, over 80% of GLX bicycles are sold to overseas market. Particularly in Southeast Asia, due to superb localization, GLX is highly reputed.


GLX is always devoted to meeting and exceeding industry standards for safety and quality. We aim to be the most trusted partner to all riders.